The #burning question: Should we burn or distribute the Solaris among the #Solaris Reward Savings participants?

We got a cool beans answer for you. We will #burn the $XLR that we have bought through the Solaris Buy-Up program!🔥

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In December 2020, we announced that we made some changes to our Reward Program. The reward program is now called Solaris Reward Savings, where “Reward Program” and “Savings” have been merged into a single feature with double earnings!

The Txbit Zero Trading Fee campaign will end on the 30th of June. This will be the beginning of the renewed Reward Savings program. The good news is that we will add a third feature to the Rewards Savings Program: The Solaris Buy-Up Program.

As you might already know, Txbit shares 50% of its trading fee with the participants of the Solaris…

After winning the coin vote on StakeCube, Solaris is now available on StakeCube!

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With 1692 votes, Solaris wins the StakeCube coin voting! Soon Solaris will be listed on StakeCube.

It was a great initiative for a couple of community members to get Solaris listed on StakeCube, with success. CryptoHolla was the leading man of this initiative in collaboration with the Solaris team and a couple of community members. There was a great bounty hunt for voting on Solaris on StakeCube.

Dear Solarians,

Everything you want to know about Solaris, in one monthly update. Easy and informative for everyone who wants to stay up to date about Solaris. Today we publish our second developer update.

Solaris wins StakeCube coin voting!

Solaris stayed in first place in the StakeCube voting and have won the voting with 1692 votes. A great accomplishment from the Solaris community!

We reached the required 1000 votes to get listed in January, but we lost our first position. In February we took first place en kept the first place!

Solaris Bounty hunt

For every vote for Solaris on StakeCube, you will be rewarded 5 $XLR !!! make 50 XLR per day !!


  1. Go to StakeCube
  2. Vote 10 x for Solaris
  3. DM @Cryptoholla on Twitter a screenshot of the votes
  4. Get rewarded!


Votes need to be claimed on a daily basis! So if you vote 10x, drop the DM that same day to be eligible for the bounty.

Let’s win this vote! Go Solarians!

Solaris is giving away 4 XLR to every Txbit user who makes a buy or sell order for any asset that is listed on Txbit. The order must be open or (partially) filled at the moment that the winners are selected. The winners will be selected at a random date and time before the 18th of February 13:00 UTC.

Estimated Value : ~ $1.00
Coins per claim : 4 XLR
Max Participants : 750 users
Total airdrop : 3000 XLR

How to Participate on the Solaris airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide (No account on Txbit):
1. Go to
2. Create an account
3. Verify your mail and log in
4. Deposit some…

Dear Solarians,

Sometimes we get the question: “I don’t have Twitter, so how can I keep up to date?” Well… you have a point. We think we have a good solution to keep everyone up to date: Once a month we post a recap of the previous month with information about the supply, inflation, savings, social media, and other important news.

Everything you want to know about Solaris, in one monthly update. Easy and informative for everyone who wants to stay up to date about Solaris.

The current supply is 2180061.39 XLR with a Marketcap of $687,277. In our block…

Dear Solarians,

We regularly receive questions about what you can do with Solaris. You can use Solaris for Cold Staking and Savings, to earn more Solaris. You can also use Solaris as a payment method to vote on listings on Txbit Exchange, and we have a Wrapped Solaris asset, based on ERC20.

But our most frequent question is about Cold Staking and Savings: Which one fits me, Cold Staking or Savings? The answer is different for everyone. You must ask yourself some questions before you make a decision. For example: Do I have the required technical skills? …

Vote for Wrapped Solaris on the Latoken Listing Competition

Solaris is selected for the listing competition on Latoken exchange. A listing on LATOKEN exchange would certainly help to bring Solaris back on track. LATOKEN is ranked 109 on CMC and will be a great step forward. We think the LATOKEN listing is a great opportunity, so let’s go for it, our dear Solarians!

How can you participate in voting?

1. Sign up/sign in on Latoken
2. Go to and vote for Solaris

You can only vote once!

Voting ends 20th January, 8 AM UTC

To promote the listing competition and encourage everyone to vote…

Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core

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