We have gotten some questions about when the swap will start or when the IDO will start. Behind the scenes, we are working on several things simultaneously. The main focus is on the Initial Dex Offering. Unfortunately, this is a prolonged process where some parties do not respond to our…

Behind the scenes, the Solaris Team is working on the development of FinaToken and FinaSwap. We get a lot of questions about the swap, like:

- How can I swap?
- Should I transfer my Solaris to Txbit for the swap?

So, time for a new Medium article.

Which coins…

Supply and Distribution

The distribution of FinaToken will stay the same as the previous distribution on the Solaris blockchain. A non-expiring swap to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet token allows us to maintain the existing distribution, but with a ratio of 1:100.

The current supply of Solaris is around 2.3M XLR, whereas the…


After many years it is now time for something new and exciting. Since the start of Solaris in 2017, the crypto space has evolved to become more and more focused on decentralized finance products. We have realized that we need to respond with new products and services to keep Solaris…

The #burning question: Should we burn or distribute the Solaris among the #Solaris Reward Savings participants?

We got a cool beans answer for you. We will #burn the $XLR that we have bought through the Solaris Buy-Up program!🔥

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Dear Solarians,

Everything you want to know about Solaris, in one monthly update. Easy and informative for everyone who wants to stay up to date about Solaris. Today we publish our second developer update.

Solaris wins StakeCube coin voting!

Solaris stayed in first place in the StakeCube voting and have won the voting with 1692…

Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core

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