Dear Solaris holders!

We are happy to present the snapshot taken from the Solaris blockchain on the 3rd of August, 2022. We will use the snapshot as data for the swap starting on the 15th of August, 2022. Please validate your balance.

We will announce the release of a new wallet that includes the swap feature before the start of the actual swap. Most probably at the beginning of next week.

Please compare your balance to the balance on the snapshot:

Please mind that the balance shown in your wallet is probably divided over multiple addresses.

The holders of Wrapped Solaris (WXLR) will not have to swap. As the keys and addresses are compatible between Ethereum and FinaChain, we will distribute the balances you can access from your Metamask using your existing wallet.



Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core