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3 min readJan 22, 2021

Dear Solarians,

We regularly receive questions about what you can do with Solaris. You can use Solaris for Cold Staking and Savings, to earn more Solaris. You can also use Solaris as a payment method to vote on listings on Txbit Exchange, and we have a Wrapped Solaris asset, based on ERC20.

But our most frequent question is about Cold Staking and Savings: Which one fits me, Cold Staking or Savings? The answer is different for everyone. You must ask yourself some questions before you make a decision. For example: Do I have the required technical skills? Do I want to have access to my Solaris at any time?

Estimated Earnings
For example, you have 1000 XLR, what are your earnings?

When you lock your Solaris for 6 months in Solaris Savings, you will get 1050 Solaris at the end of the locked period.

When you lock your Solaris for 12 months in Solaris Savings, you will get 1170 Solaris at the end of the locked period.

When you use your Solaris for cold staking, you will get rewarded for finding blocks. So every time you will find a block you will get 0.25 Solaris. The more Solaris you will use for Staking, the more blocks you will find, which equals more XLR in your wallet.

Technical skills
Solaris Savings is easy to participate in and requires no technical skills. The only thing you need is an account on Txbit Exchange.

For Cold Staking, having some technical skills is useful. You need to run a wallet 24/7 or a (VPS) paid service.

Solaris Savings is free of charge, with no paid service or other costs.

For Cold Staking you can choose for a paid (VPS) service or running a wallet. You can use your own computer for cold staking, but then you have to consider that your computer needs to be online all 24/7 to get the most out of Cold Staking.

Minimum required
A minimum of 1000 XLR is required to be able to participate in Solaris Savings.

For Cold Staking there is no minimum required. But we advise everyone to start with 150 XLR or more.

If you participate in Solaris Savings your funds will be locked and cannot be withdrawn during the selected period. The rewards will be paid after the locked period expires.

If you are Cold Staking you are free to shop with staking and withdraw your funds at any time, including the rewards.

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