Monthly Solaris Developer update

Dear Solarians,

Sometimes we get the question: “I don’t have Twitter, so how can I keep up to date?” Well… you have a point. We think we have a good solution to keep everyone up to date: Once a month we post a recap of the previous month with information about the supply, inflation, savings, social media, and other important news.

Everything you want to know about Solaris, in one monthly update. Easy and informative for everyone who wants to stay up to date about Solaris.

The current supply is 2180061.39 XLR with a Marketcap of $687,277. In our block explorer, we have a rich list with a chart of distribution. The top 25 has 68% of the total supply.

Solaris Blockexplorer:

The current inflation is dropped to 6.25%, the last year the inflation dropped by 0.75%. We have low inflation in combination with a low supply.

On CoinMarketCap we are placed at the 1499 spot. The number of followers has increased by 191 to 1062 followers. On CoinGecko we are placed on 1257. The number of likes has increased by 6to 406 likes. On CoinPaprika we are placed on 799.

And don’t forget to add Solaris to your CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko watchlist:

Last week, the information at CoinMarketCap has been adjusted. We are working hard to get the information up to date on the other ranking sites as well.

There is 361088 Solaris locked in Savings, for a period of 6 or 12 months. It has increased by 9643 XLR in the last month. 17% of the total supply is locked in Savings.

End of February we expect the first payouts in savings.

Social media
Our largest social media channel is Twitter with 10.8K followers. We see in growth in other social media groups, for example, Discord with 3.188 members.

0% Trading fee
The Txbit new years promotion is still on-going! Until the end of March, you pay zero trading fee!

Last month
First, there was a great initiative for a couple of community members to get Solaris listed on StakeCube, with success. CryptoHolla was the leading man of this initiative in cooperation with the Solaris team and a couple of community members. There was a great bounty hunt for voting on Solaris on StakeCube. The community has given a huge effort. Solaris will be listed on StakeCube! The coin voting is still running, but by reaching the 1000 votes we are secured of a listing. The only question is when? January or February?

We launched a new use-case for Solaris! Solaris can now be used as a payment method for community coin voting on Txbit Exchange. This use-case will increase the demand for Solaris as users must buy Solaris in order to vote on Txbit Exchange. The price of 1 vote is 1.00 XLR with a max of 20 votes per project per day. A project needs at least 2000 votes to be selected as the winner. We think this a good addition to the existing Solaris use cases.

The wrapped version of Solaris, based on ERC20 has participated in a listing competition on Latoken. The start was great, but in the end, we get second place. Although we did not win the listing competition, we see this as a step forward. By participating in the listing competition we have new followers on our social media, like Twitter and Discord.

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Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core

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Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core