On the 1st of July, we will launch our renewed Reward Savings with great economics!

In December 2020, we announced that we made some changes to our Reward Program. The reward program is now called Solaris Reward Savings, where “Reward Program” and “Savings” have been merged into a single feature with double earnings!

The Txbit Zero Trading Fee campaign will end on the 30th of June. This will be the beginning of the renewed Reward Savings program. The good news is that we will add a third feature to the Rewards Savings Program: The Solaris Buy-Up Program.

As you might already know, Txbit shares 50% of its trading fee with the participants of the Solaris Reward Program. However, the Solaris Buy-Up Program will change this a bit by utilizing 50% of the trading fee for buying up Solaris from the market, regardless of the price! Thus, we will place a market order and buy up all Solaris that the trading fee allows us to buy. This will create a great demand for Solaris in a market where the supply is already limited.

Solaris has a very low supply of 2.1 Million XLR, but only approx 1.4 million is the true circulating supply! Therefore, combining several features to one big feature with a buy-up program will boost the Solaris market!

So hold your horses and stay tuned!

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core