Our second monthly Solaris Developer update

Dear Solarians,

Everything you want to know about Solaris, in one monthly update. Easy and informative for everyone who wants to stay up to date about Solaris. Today we publish our second developer update.

Solaris wins StakeCube coin voting!

Solaris stayed in first place in the StakeCube voting and have won the voting with 1692 votes. A great accomplishment from the Solaris community!

We reached the required 1000 votes to get listed in January, but we lost our first position. In February we took first place en kept the first place!

Solaris in 1st place! A winner


The current supply is 2229873.79 XLR with a Marketcap of $512,112. In our block explorer, we have a rich list with a distribution chart.

* Please note that 75% of the top 25 distribution figure is not in circulation. *

Solaris distribution chart
Solaris key figures

Solaris Blockexplorer: https://explorer.solarisplatform.com/


In our previous monthly dev update, we mentioned updating our information at some ranking sites. After Coinmarketcap, we updated our LunarCruch ranking. LunarCrush has a nice and user-friendly interface, where coins can update their information by themself, great!

To get all the information up-to-date at LunarCrush, we also needed to update our price information at Nomics Finance. Both are completed

The “Galaxy score™” for Solaris on LunarCrush
The “Altrank™” for Solaris on LunarCrush
Price information on Nomics Finance

LunarCrush: https://lunarcrush.com/coins/xlr/solaris
Nomics Finance:

We also have updated our information on CoinPaprika. In the meantime, we are waiting to get access to Blockfolio signal for Solaris.

Alright, let’s go to the figures for the last month:

On CoinMarketCap, we are ranked 1721st. The number of followers that have Solaris on their CMC watchlist has increased by 63 to 1125 followers.

Ranked at 1721st on CoinMarketCap with 1125 watchers

On CoinGecko, we are ranked 1589th. The number of likes has increased by 28 to 434 likes.

Ranked at 1589th on CoinGecko with 434 likes

On CoinPaprika, we are ranked 886th.

Ranked at 889th on CoinPaprika

On LunarCrush, we are ranked 713th with a galaxy score of 55.

Ranked at 713th with a Galaxy score of 55 on LunarCrush

Solaris Savings

There is 377043 XLR locked in Savings for a period of 6 or 12 months. The total amount has increased by 15955 XLR in the last month. Last month there was an increase of 9673 XLR. 17.9% of the total supply is locked in Savings. In a couple of days, we expect the first payouts!

377043.04719765 XLR locked in Solaris Savings

Listing request

Last month we were focused on listing Solaris on other exchanges. We have contact with several exchanges about a paid listing, but all of them were too expensive, and therefore we are now focused on coin votings.

We submitted Solaris for voting on Crex24 about 6 weeks ago, but no reply yet. This month we also submitted Solaris for voting on Sistemkoin and Hotbit.

CREX24 exchange does not reply to our listing request for 6 weeks already!
Waiting for Sistemkoin…🤞
Waiting for hotbit…🤞


We are looking for enthusiastic crypto fans who want to be an ambassador of the Solaris Community. Your job? Let people know what Solaris is and what they can do with it. Do you have a Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube account or another social media channel that’s focussed on cryptocurrency and has a lot of active followers/viewers?

Your social media don’t need to be followed worldwide, but it can also be national or continental. Ambassadors get compensation in Solaris/XLR. The amount of compensation depends on various factors, such as how many followers/viewers you have.

Do you meet these requirements? And do you want to be an ambassador for the Solaris community? Please send us a PM on Discord or Twitter.

Become a Solaris Ambassador!


In collaboration with Txbit Exchange, we held an airdrop for everyone who placed a sell or buy order on Txbit. We paid everyone 4 XLR who met the terms and conditions. Congratulations! A warm welcome to all new Solarians!

The Solaris Airdrop is finished. Congrats to everyone!

Soon we organize a second airdrop on Txbit Exchange. Stay tuned!

Do you want to keep up to date fully? Join our other Social media channels:
Website — https://solarisplatform.com
Twitter — https://twitter.com/SolarisCoin
Discord — https://discord.gg/wMcqapP
Facebook — https://facebook.com/solariscoin/
Official ANN — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1831629.0




Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core

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Solaris XLR

Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core

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