Solaris Platform Update 02 — Swap Starts 31st of October, and more!

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3 min readOct 26, 2019


Dear Solarians,

The time has finally come, after months of work and preparation the new codebase is finally ready to go live! We have put a lot of effort to ensure a smooth transition to our net network. We have added new features to the Stratis codebase, like Cold-Staking graphical interface and simplified RPC interface that is 100% compatible with Bitcoin implementations, meaning Solaris will be just as easy to implement as Bitcoin is for third-party services. We have built our own Block Explorer completely from scratch that meets our requirements of what a good explorer should be; simple, fast and with a responsive modern design.

On top of this the website is getting a bit of a makeover and will officially move to a new domain: The old website will redirect all users to the new one.

Swap Details

The Swap Service will go live on 31st of October. The swap will go on for just over 6 months and will finish on the 30th of April, 2020.

The swap service is built on Txbit infrastructure, and will be accessible through the Txbit website when it goes live. You will not require to register an account on Txbit to perform the swap.

The instructions on how to swap will go live on the new Solaris website, but generally it’s a very quick and simple 4 step process and takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes for you to swap over and receive the new XLR coins.

Txbit Automatic Swap

If your coins are in your Txbit, then you don’t have to do anything. They will be swapped over to the new ones automatically on the day the swap begins.

Solaris Cold-Staking UI

We are happy to finally complete the Cold-Staking User Interface for the new Solaris Core wallet, and we can safely say that the wait was well worth it. Cold-Staking is extremely easy to set-up, is essentially fool proof, and requires zero technical knowledge to set-up on your wallet.

For those who are not sure what Cold-Staking is, it allows you to safely store the coins in your wallet, while a separate always online Hot Wallet stakes the coins. The Hot Wallet has no access to your coins and you can withdraw them from your Cold Balance to any address at any time. You can either set-up an online hot wallet yourself on a private server, or use a third party service that provides a Hot Wallet to stake on, and we are happy to announce that will be providing such service for our users!

We posted a quick look at how easy the setup is on our Twitter, check it out:

Solaris Explorer

We have finished version 1 of the new Solaris Explorer, containing all the essential views to easily navigate the blockchain data and see aggregated data such as a Rich list.

Why version 1? Because while it is feature complete, there are numerous improvements that we want to make in the long run, such as real time updates, improved metrics and statistics, and anything else you may suggest!

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