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2 min readNov 26, 2021

Behind the scenes, the Solaris Team is working on the development of FinaToken and FinaSwap. We get a lot of questions about the swap, like:

- How can I swap?
- Should I transfer my Solaris to Txbit for the swap?

So, time for a new Medium article.

Which coins or tokens will I receive after the swap?
For every XLR you will receive 100 FNA . For example:

You have 10,000 XLR. After the swap, you will receive 1,000,000 (1M) FNA,

When can I swap?
We are aiming before the end of this year. But, nothing is sure in this world. Software development is hard to predict. So, the swap date is currently unknown. When we know the swap date, we will announce the date through our social media channels like Medium, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

How can I swap?
With the announcement of the swap date, we will also announce all the information about how you can swap. One thing is sure, Solaris held on Txbit Exchange will be swapped automatically.

How long can we swap?
We are aiming at a ‘lifetime’ swap. So, don’t worry, you have plenty of time to swap.

Ok, what is the planning?
Sometimes it looks like that the team is quiet and doesn’t work on things. But good things take time! The team is working behind the scenes on a lot of things at the same time. The team is working on the planned IDO, and the whitepaper is almost ready. In the meantime, our new designer is working on a great logo and mascot for FinaToken and our own designer is working on a design for the website and other marketing material. Our Dev is working on the DEX and the swap technique.

The private sale is ongoing (for more information, please join Solaris Telegram or Discord Channel). The first thing on the agenda is the IDO for Finatoken, with releasing the FinaToken whitepaper. At the same time, we reveal the final logo design for FinaToken and FinaSwap.

Every day we are getting closer to FinaToken & FinaSwap!

A lot of news will come up in the coming next weeks and months. Follow our Social Media Channels, and be the first to know!

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Solaris XLR

Solaris is a blockchain platform offering tools for decentralized application development utilizing widely popular Microsoft technologies of C# using .NET Core