Vote for Wrapped Solaris on the Latoken Listing Competition

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2 min readJan 18, 2021

Vote for Wrapped Solaris on the Latoken Listing Competition

Solaris is selected for the listing competition on Latoken exchange. A listing on LATOKEN exchange would certainly help to bring Solaris back on track. LATOKEN is ranked 109 on CMC and will be a great step forward. We think the LATOKEN listing is a great opportunity, so let’s go for it, our dear Solarians!

How can you participate in voting?

1. Sign up/sign in on Latoken
2. Go to and vote for Solaris

You can only vote once!

Voting ends 20th January, 8 AM UTC

To promote the listing competition and encourage everyone to vote, we have organized a MEGA giveaway:

When Wrapped Solaris secures the listing by winning the listing competition, we will give away 250 USDT, YES, that’s right, 250 USDT!

In the unlikely event that we do not win the competition, we still will give away 25 USDT as a consolation prize.

We will pick a random winner at the end of this giveaway promotion.

How to join the giveaway?

1. Vote for Wrapped Solaris on Latoken (signup/sign in and vote)
2. Follow @Solariscoin on Twitter
3. Retweet this tweet
4. Comment on this tweet with a screenshot of your vote.

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