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Supply and Distribution

The distribution of FinaToken will stay the same as the previous distribution on the Solaris blockchain. A non-expiring swap to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet token allows us to maintain the existing distribution, but with a ratio of 1:100.

The current supply of Solaris is around 2.3M XLR, whereas the new supply of FinaToken will be about 305M FNA. As you notice, the supply will increase a bit. In the following sections, we will explain the exact distribution of the new supply.

Our holders represent the vast majority of the total supply. Together our holders will hold 189.785.612 FNA of the total supply. Later this will increase to around 262.285.612 FNA.

Treasury / Development fund
The treasury and development fund ensures the project's sustainability. 43M FNA of the supply is allocated for the treasury and development fund.

436.381 XLR Development fund x 100 (swap ratio) = 43.638.188 FNA.

Initial Dex Offering
Our goal is to raise funds through an IDO (Initial Dex Offering). These funds will enable us to extend our platform, roll out our marketing activities, and list FinaToken on new exchanges. 50M FNA of the supply is allocated for the Initial Dex Offering.

Private sale
As a startup capital for our newly incorporated company, we will sell a small amount of Solaris to our loyal Solaris holders. 10M FNA of the supply is allocated for the Private Sale (= 100.000 XLR). We will soon announce more information regarding this private sale and how you can participate.

Payout Savings
Current users who have their Solaris locked up in Savings (on Txbit Exchange) will enjoy an early release of funds. The Solaris Team will pay interest to all those users. The total amount of interest that we will pay is estimated at 125.000 XLR. We have reserved this amount in FinaToken (12.500.000 FNA). What’s left over will be burned! 🔥

Supply and Distribution of FinaToken

After the distribution, the percentage of the supply that is allocated to our holders will increase from 62% to 86%. The tokens of the private sale, payout savings, and the Initial Dex Offering will be added to the holder's share, at the same time, the development fund will stay the same at 14%.

After the distribution of FinaToken

Swap ratio

Solaris holders can swap their Solaris to FinaToken at a swap rate of 1:100. For every Solaris that you swap, you will receive 100 FNA. For example:

100 XLR → 10.000 FNA
1.000 XLR → 100.000 FNA
5.000 XLR → 500.000 FNA
10.000 XLR → 1.000.000 FNA
(These are all examples of a 1:100 swap ratio)

All holders at the moment of the swap will receive an extra bonus: Txbit Token. For more information, please follow the news on the Txbit channels.

Token Emission

FinaToken will be minted on the Binance Smart Chain. For the first 830,000 blocks (about 28 days), 100 FNA will be minted per block to incentivize early adopters of the protocol. For each subsequent block number after that period, 20 FNA are created.

Newly minted FNA are distributed (minus 10% development allocation) among everyone providing liquidity to the protocol:

  • Liquidity mining phase — For the first 830,000 blocks (about 28 days), 100 FNA will be minted per block. These are being distributed to anyone staking FinaSwap LP tokens from certain approved pools.
  • Post-launch — After the liquidity mining phase, 20 FNA will be minted per block. These will be distributed among FinaSwap LP token holders (i.e., the protocol's liquidity providers).

🔥 10% of the newly minted FNA in the Liquidity mining phase will be burned! 🔥

Different liquidity pools have different weights, such that some will receive a greater portion of newly minted tokens than others. This pool weight is flexible and can be changed via a governance vote or when new pools are added to the protocol.

Annual inflation rate chart

Obtaining liquidity is crucial for a DEX. Early Liquidity Providers will enjoy a bonus reward in the first 28 days. The bonus reward phase will result in higher inflation for the first year. After the first year, inflation will drop dramatically.

Maximize yield by staking FNA for xFNA (FinaLounge)

For every swap on the exchange on every chain, 0.05% of the swap fees are distributed as FNA proportional to your share of the FinaLounge. When your FNA is staked into the FinaLounge, you receive xFNA in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other protocols. Your xFNA is continuously compounding, when you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited FNA and any additional from fees.

Solaris will leave a lasting legacy to FinaToken, a rock-solid team, development fund, and you as our community member! We are excited about the future. Come on and follow our lead.

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